Installation Instructions

Jitendex officially supports two formats: Yomitan and MDict (mdx/mdd).

Yomitan Format

Yomitan is a free and open-source browser extension available for Chrome and Firefox.

Download Jitendex for Yomitan and import it into Yomitan. You do not need to unzip the file.


You can customize the appearance of Jitendex. Example customizations are provided in the GitHub wiki.

MDict Format

Download Jitendex for MDict and unzip the file. Move the extracted folder to a location where your dictionary client can find the data.

I recommend using GoldenDict-ng on desktop platforms (Windows/MacOS/Linux). It is free, open source, and actively developed.

Support Jitendex


If you find any errors or incorrect information in the dictionary data, please feel free to report them in the GitHub discussions forum.

If Jitendex is useful for you, please consider giving the project a star on GitHub. You can also leave a tip on Ko-fi.


Yomitan icon Jitendex for Yomitan
v4.8 ・ 2024-07-12 ・ 28.1 MB
GoldenDict icon Jitendex for MDict
v4.8 ・ 2024-07-12 ・ 87.4 MB